Chemistry Ninth Edition

This fully updated 9th version of Steven and Susan Zumdahl’s CHEMISTRY brings together the strong pedagogy, easy-to-use media, and interactive physical games that state-of-the-art instructors want for their widespread chemistry course. in preference to that specialize in rote memorization, CHEMISTRY makes use of a considerate technique constructed on trouble-fixing.

For the 9th version, the authors have delivered a new emphasis on important systematic trouble solving, new important questioning questions, and new pc-primarily based interactive examples to help students discover ways to method and solve chemical issues–to learn to assume like chemists–in an effort to apply the technique of problem fixing to all components of their lives.

Students are furnished with the gear to turn out to be critical thinkers: to ask questions, to apply regulations and expand fashions, and to assess the outcome. similarly, Steven and Susan Zumdahl crafted ChemWork, an online software included in OWL online net getting to know to aid their method, a good deal as a trainer might provide support for the duration of workplace hours. ChemWork is just one among many have a look at aids available with CHEMISTRY that supports the hallmarks of the textbook–a strong emphasis on fashions, actual world applications, visual gaining knowledge of, and unbiased hassle solving

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