Causal Physics Photons By Non Interactions Of Waves

Causal Physics: Photons through Non-Interactions of Waves redefines the mathematical Superposition principle as an operational Superposition effect; that’s the measurable physical transformation skilled via a detector due to stimulations caused by more than one waves simultaneously appearing on the detecting dipoles. This light-matter interplay technique driven model emerges naturally via incorporating the determined residences, Non-interplay of Waves (NIW) and quantized photograph detectors needing to fill up their “quantum-cups” with the required amount of power from all of the stimulating waves around it. by means of now not incorporating this NEW-assets explicitly, quantum mechanics didn’t extract diverse embedded realities inside the concept even as included pointless hypotheses like wave-particle duality. The e-book makes use of this NEW-assets to explain all of the essential optical phenomena (diffraction, spectrometry, coherence.) without using any self-contradictory hypotheses which might be typical now.


The ebook redefines the old ether (constituting the gap) as a desk-bound complex anxiety discipline (CTF), conserving all the electricity of the universe (no want for the darkish power of darkish remember). CTF sustains always propagating EM waves as its linear excitations and the particles as self-looped localized resonant non-linear excitations. Tensions are recognized with the aid of Maxwell, then the velocities of emitting and detecting atoms thru the CTF make a contribution to the Doppler shifts separately. This calls for re-visiting bodily processes in the back of Hubble Redshift and consequently expanding Universe.


The fulfillment of the book derives from a singular questioning approach of visualizing the invisible interaction strategies, named as interaction technique Mapping Epistemology (IPM-E). that is over and above the triumphing approach of Measurable data Modeling Epistemology (MDM-E). The method evokes the next generation of physicists to recognizing that the “basis of the edifice of physics” has now not but been finalized. IPM-E will stimulate more of us to grow to be era innovators by getting to know to emulate the ontologically real physical methods in nature and grow to be more evolution congruent.


crucial thinkers without expertise in optical technological know-how and engineering will respect the fee of the content by using analyzing the ebook backward, starting from Ch.12; which explains the essential questioning technique except giving a very quick summary of the contents inside the preceding chapters.

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